Specialised Electronic Services – Clients

seslogo300Our services include our HelpLink Panic Button Service, Document Management and Facilities Management as well as Electrical Services, Data communications & Telecommunications and services and products for the disabled.

You will not be surprised, therefore, that we have a diverse client base including domestic and non domestic clients the latter incorporating both private and public sector organisations.

  • Facilities Management clients include commercial businesses and public sector bodies ranging, for example, from central government to the health sector and non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs).
  • HelpLink Panic Button Service’s primary clients are domestic, although many of our clients are referred to us by professionals in the health sector.
  • Major Electrical Contracts, Data Communication and Telecoms clients tend to be commercial businesses and public sector bodies. Again the full ambit of central & local government, health and education sectors and NDPBs applies.
  • Smaller Electrical Contracts and Services and Products for the Disabled tend to be domestic clients.

As a point of policy we do not publish client details on our website however should you require references in respect of any work you may be considering we are more than happy to oblige. Similarly if you wish to visit our premises you are more than welcome, we merely ask that you arrange a meeting in advance.

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