HelpLink Panic Button Service


“Help at the touch of a button”

Our HelpLink Panic Button Service provides reassurance and immediate help for those that need it including those that:

  • live alone;
  • are elderly;
  • are disabled;
  • have an illness; or
  • are a lone worker

How does it work

24 hour MonitoringOur HelpLink Panic Button Service is provided through our dedicated 24 hour 365 days a year monitoring service.  At the touch of button (on the desktop unit, neck pendant or wrist strap) you will establish direct voice contact with the Monitoring Team.

Highly trained, friendly and motivated professionals are always on hand to give advice and support and to arrange immediate local assistance if required. This could, for example, include contacting a nominated relative / neighbour / friend / the ambulance service / the police / the doctor or any emergency service.

The HelpLink Panic Button Service can also provide other safeguards and services (which connect directly to the Monitoring Team) including:

  • real time voice deterrent to strangers;
  • intruder detection;
  • fall detection;
  • bed monitoring (e.g. for falls);
  • specialised smoke detectors;
  • motion detectors;
  • door and window contacts and pressure pads; and
  • much more.

10-04-2014 13-37-13Getting Started

The first step to getting started with our HelpLink Panic Button Service is to make an enquiry. You can use the form here or  phone +44 (0)28 4372 2569.

Our dedicated HelpLink Manager will discuss your requirements, determine the best solution and arrange installation of the HelpLink Technology as appropriate.

An engineer will then visit to fit the technology, test all is working and to give instruction and practice in its use. This won’t take very long as the unit is very easy to operate.

From then on ‘Help is at the touch of a button

We provide installation of our Panic Button Service across the whole of  Ireland and Northern Ireland.

HelpLink Panic Button Service – Promoting Your Independence

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